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Fine Architectural

Wood Work

Serving Ulster County, NY

& 5 Burroughs, MA, PA



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The Owners of A&G Custom Made Furniture Inc. run their business from a 2,000-square-foot building on US Route 209 in this tiny Town of Rochester hamlet located in the scenic Ulster County. The Kambouris' work mostly in solid wood, solid surfaces, Formica- laminate, three-quarter-inch wood as well mixed- media such as iron. [ Click here to view Galleries ]

Alex, the Owner of A&G Custom Made Furniture was born in Kalymnos, Greece. When Alex was at the young age of 13 he had joined his Father as a sailor on a Greek ship which sailed at sea for 6-8 months at time. Alex lived on those ships traveling the world til the age of 21. Though he enjoyed the sights his travel and exposure to different cultures it was not always the most ideal life; it was hard work, long days, not the bed of environments and most of all absence from his mother, siblings and family. His ship was his "house" yet Greece was his "home."

Alex had always longed to come to the United States of America to start a new life and create a new path in the land of "Opportunities." Finally, in the late 70's his dream had come true. "I jumped shipped. I was in New Orleans and I just did it......... I jumped" Alex said with a smirk followed by a laugh. He immediately traveled to New York where some of his relatives had lived and owned, Manhattan Cabinetry. He asked them for a job and they put him to work! "The first dollar I earned in the united states hangs on the wall of my shop still to this day. " Alex stated. He worked at Manhattan Cabinetry for nine years; and in that time he had worked his was up from sweeping, to a laborer and finally to a head Supervisor. Within those years he met the love of his life, who he is still in love with to this very day, he started a family and bought a house in Staten Island. Yet Alex wanted more; he wanted to start a business for himself and something for his family, something that he and his family can build together. He and his wife then sold his house in Staten Island and used the money to start the A&G Custom Made Furniture in 1986.

Alex his wife, Dru, chose to open A&G in 1986 in Ulster County largely because they were familiar with the area. Dru's family had owned a summer home here since the 1950' and they had visited the county frequently. Alex's thoughts were by doing business in ulster county they'd be able to take advantage of the lower rent and cost of living while tapping into the urban centers of New York and Albany. Since then Alex's hard work, dedication and perseverance lead to his success. A&G flourished due to the hard work that he, his family and his workers put into the business.

Today, A&G Custom Made Furniture is ran by Alex and his son George which the business' name had originated from. "We work hard; its very long hours on your feet, long hours of labor and traveling at times, " states Alex. Their family dedicates all that they have into their three family businesses, A&G Custom Made Furniture , Bare Furniture and Accord Plaza Feeds whether it be their mind, blood, sweat or tears. However, it is all worth it.

"We all love what we do which is why we do it but the most important thing, is we do it together. We all do have our niches and that is what leads to our success," states Sarah Weaver, Alex's daughter who runs Bare Furniture.

"My brother is my father’s right hand man at A&G. There would not be a "A" without the "G", nor would there be an "G" without the "A." We are an extremely close family whom work together everyday, all day long and whoever works with us becomes part of our family. For to work at our company you must love the job, love the family and love what we are all about," Sarah Weaver, states with a proud smile upon her face.

As we stated before, A&G Custom Made Furniture, loves what they do and love who they do it with!You could also use this area to display a mission statement, information about your team, awards or certifications, or anything else that will help establish your credibility.

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93 S of NYC, 15 N of Kingston

Feel Free to Call 845-626-0063



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